Organic Honey Flavoured nº66 Chocolate375gr - Fábrica do Azeite

Organic Honey Flavoured nº66 Chocolate375gr

Organic Honey Flavoured nº66 Chocolate375gr


Organic Honey Aromatized chocolate is a multi-flower honey 100% Portuguese and with organic cocoa. Ideal for cheeses, crepes, various desserts or eat raw.

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Honey Bio Flavoured nº66 chocolate conveys emotions of youth and causes an unequalled feeling of joy. Eating this nectar causes a prolonged and passionate kissing sensation. It leads us to sweetly stimulating sensations, causing pleasant desires of pleasure.

Chocolate Flavour is the most passionate of the whole range of Beesweet nectars. It is special and unique, with intense notes and aroma of jungle fruits, coffee and cherry, this nectar is the most suitable to celebrate special moments.

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