Organic Honey Flavoured nº88 Fire 375gr - Fábrica do Azeite

Organic Honey Flavoured nº88 Fire 375gr

Organic Honey Flavoured nº88 Fire 375gr


Organic Honey Aromatized Spicy is a multifloral 100% Portuguese multifloral honey and with organic red chilli pepper. Ideal for meats, cheeses, Afro and South American dishes. You can put it on your granola, chicken roast or sushi.

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Organic Aromatized Honey nº88 Spicy elevates you to sensations of well-being and joy, making you feel good about yourself. Nectar N. 88 Fire causes an intense pleasure experience in the mouth, leading you to live a unique taste of exquisitely spicy ecstasy. Wrap yourself in the harmonious fire of this flavour.

The spicy aroma transports you to a warmer world, living glamorously hot experiences.

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