Organic Honey Seasalt Aroma nº10 – Single Dose - Fábrica do Azeite

Organic Honey Seasalt Aroma nº10 – Single Dose

Organic Honey Seasalt Aroma nº10 – Single Dose


Organic Honey Aromatized seasalt single dose is a multi-flower honey, with Organic certification (PT-BIO-05), 100% Portuguese, with organic seaweed and fleur de sel. Ideal to enhance the flavour of meat and fish dishes, sautéed vegetables and for salads.

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Single Dose Organic Honey seasalt Aromatized causes sensations of full experience with nature and summer. The use of this precious nectar in gastronomic dishes, before serving, refines the seasoning, having the ability to awaken the flavors of the dish, allowing a more pleasant and refined taste.

It is an unusual nectar in all its splendour, capable of incorporating the most exquisite dishes and pleasing the most sensitive palates. The incorporation of this nectar in gastronomic dishes enhances the natural taste of food, transmitting a unique aroma and flavour to each dish.

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