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Olival da Risca Olive Oil Lemon (100ml)

Olival da Risca Olive Oil Lemon (100ml)


An olive oil mixed with our lemons right after it´s harvest and mixed with olives. An olive oil recomended for fish, saldas, pastas, pastry products or for tasting.



Risca grande represents about 35.000 olive trees with ages until 800 years. The olive grooves bet on portuguese varieties of olives such as: Cobrançosa, Galega Vulgar, Cordovil, Galega Grada de Serpa, Gamenha, Verdeal, Carrasquenha e Mançanilha.

A property where lemons, limes, tangerines, herbs and spices grow of demeter quality.

A big characteristic is the fact that the process is exclusively from demeter olives, originating from our olive grooves.