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Workshop “The World of Olive Oil”

Workshop “The World of Olive Oil”


Mandatory presence in many Mediterranean cuisine dishes, olive oil is one of the greatest riches that the earth can give us.


It’s easy to be deceived by the packaging and the product itself if you don’t know the basics and how it should taste. In this workshop “The World of Olive Oil” you will learn how to buy and taste olive oils to make responsible and sustainable choices, how olives are grown, harvested, crushed and packed to help you choose oils with the best health benefits.


After learning about olive growing and the process of transforming olives into olive oil we will immerse you in a true 5 senses experience, exploring aromas and flavors through olive oil tasting.



The workshop is divided in two parts, the first part where a theoretical approach to olive and olive oil culture is made, and in the second part a sensorial analysis of the various types of olive oil.

In the first part we will explain and discuss:

  1.     Introduction and contextualization to the topic of olive oil;
  2.     What is olive oil;
  3.     How it is obtained and care to be taken;
  4.     How it is classified, differences between extra virgin olive oil, virgin and lampante;
  5.     What is its composition;
  6.     What factors affect its composition;
  7.     Varietal olive oils.

In the second part we will learn to distinguish the various types of olive oil. Observe the color, inhale the aroma, listen to the lightness when pouring, feel the fullness of flavor, and realize the subtlety of touch. The tasting will be in blue glasses, as in the specialty contests.

The space also opens the doors to the great attraction and what is its greatest innovation, a compact lagar that allows you to see how the olives are transformed into the so-called “green gold”, giving rise to a unique and enriching journey through the fascinating world of olive growing.


Min. people: 4

Max. people: 12

Cost per person: 40 euros

Duration: 1h30-2h

Availability: Sundays, check with contacts for other dates and times

*the above conditions may vary depending on stock availability.

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