Organic Honey Aromatised nº1 Citrus 375gr - Fábrica do Azeite

Organic Honey Aromatised nº1 Citrus 375gr

Organic Honey Aromatised nº1 Citrus 375gr


Organic Aromatized Honey Citrus is a multifloral honey 100% Portuguese and with organic aromatic plants. Ideal for salads, ice cream, natural yoghurt, sweeten a tea and even in the preparation of alcoholic cocktails, replacing sugar.

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Organic Honey Flavoured No. 1 Citrus transports us to serene and refreshing places. This nectar is recognized for enveloping us in lightness where citrus aromas reign, calming and balancing that soothe us.

The citrus aroma is a soft nectar able to please the most refined tastes and the most sensitive palates. The aroma in the mouth is smooth and fruity, refreshing and citric, you can feel a lemon nuance on the palate.

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