Organic Honey Beepure multifloral 375gr - Fábrica do Azeite

Organic Honey Beepure multifloral 375gr

Organic Honey Beepure multifloral 375gr


Organic Honey Beepure multifloral is an authentic and 100% Portuguese honey. Ideal as a substitute for any refined sugar. A small spoon of this honey per day promotes detoxification of the body.

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Organic honey Beepure multifloral has a completely authentic taste. This honey melts in the mouth, giving way to aromatic notes, citrus, but at the same time caramelized with a small touch of ginger and mint.

It is normal for this honey to crystallise when cold. It means that it has not suffered temperature. To re-liquefy, simply place the jar in a container of hot water for a few minutes.

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