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CARM Praemium Olive Oil Organic 500ml

CARM Praemium Olive Oil Organic 500ml


Very fruity and fresh on the nose and in the mouth. Strong aroma of fresh olives, apple and tomato with an aftertaste with slight nuances of dried fruit, pepper and slight bitterness.

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CARM was one of the pioneers of Organic Olive Growing in Portugal, certified by Sativa, obeying the USDA PDO.

All the farms with traditional olive groves that give rise to the olives are within the PDO of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro.

The olive harvest is done manually in olive groves with steep slopes and by mechanical vibration in the others, being the harvest between early November and mid-December.

The extraction is done in a continuous cold process – traditional stone mill and/or two-phase ecological decanter.

Olive Varieties: Madural, Verdeal and Negrinha do Freixo

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